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Wynette Richards

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trips (sorry, these might load slowly)
Spain 2015: Sevilla Blog, Fall 2015
Spain 2014: Camino de Santiago Blog, Fall 2014
Spain 2013: Camino de Santiago Blog, Spring 2013
Spain 2012: Blog
Italy 2011: Blog
England 2009: Blog
Italy 2008: Pictures Blog
Slovenia and Croatia 2006: Pictures Blog
Italy and France 2002: Journal
Italy 2000: Journal

Some Interests and Activities
Learning Spanish
Intermittent Fasting
Volunteering for Master Composters
Volunteering for Master Gardeners
Programming/Website Development
Webmaster for Master Composters

Previous Work Project (1992 to 2008)
Retired 2008
Worked at University of New Mexico, Computer Science Department.
Was employed by Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Software design and development for a web intranet database
system to support the goal of nuclear non-proliferation,
running at Los Alamos and used by the Department of Energy
and DOE research laboratories.

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